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A Millennial in Politics

Q: You’re a Millennial with 15 years of experience?

A: [laughs] Yes. I was very blessed to understand my purpose going into university. So in university, I began to pursue opportunities in government and politics–including a run for office when I was 21 years old.

Q: Did you win?

A: I beat someone in the primary but lost the general election. That experience taught me that I needed to learn as much as I could about the political process. Most political candidates lose because they do not understand the political process.

Q: So exactly what have you been doing for the last 15 years?

A: [more laughter] I’ve worked on campaigns and political projects in the South, Midwest and East Coast. I learned how to effectively communicate to Millennials, people of color, women, faith based groups and those who are disconnected politically. I’ve been an advocate for businesses, non-profits and most importantly–people. I worked in government on the local and federal levels.

Q: Anything else?

A: I fit in law school during that time. [smiling]

Q: So what exactly do you do?

A: In a nutshell? I provide ordinary people access to government and prepare people to serve in government. It’s a lot of interaction with voters and elected or appointed officials. I remove barriers to government.

Q: Is it just you?

A: No. I am part of a network of national (and international) consultants dedicated to electing and appointing the best people to serve civically.

Q: Why should people contact you?

A: Contact me for media opportunities, training seminars, strategic consulting and candidate coaching.


Topics include Millennials, women, people of color and electoral politics.

Training Seminars

Prepare candidates for running for office, jumpstarting campaigns and components of effective campaigns.

Strategic Consulting

Troubleshoot both candidate campaigns and issue campaigns including crisis management.

Candidate Coaching

Candidate recruitment, debate preparation, campaign and candidate bootcamp.
Strategic Consultant
Candidate Coach/Campaign Troubleshooter
Training Seminars & Speaker


Rebekah Caruthers

Rebekah Caruthers

Political Powerhouse

Rebekah Caruthers is the principal at Caruthers Consulting. Through a variety of experiences, Rebekah has worked on projects in the American Midwest, South and East Coast. She has studied law and international business transactions at the University of Nebraska College of Law and the University of the Western Cape South Africa. Rebekah attended Creighton University for her undergraduate studies. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc. and the Links, Inc. Rebekah’s network includes elected and appointed officials at every level, business executives, trade associations, grassroots coalitions and community organizations. Rebekah is committed to removing barriers for entering the political system.

"It is essential to understand the business of politics."

Rebekah Caruthers


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